Busy Spring. Looking Ahead to Summer.

One reason I love my job so much is because of the sheer variety of projects and issues to work on that it brings me.

A few weeks ago I was a jury member for the SAJE’s entrepreneurship contest in the bio-food division. Some pretty amazing ideas were pitched by very dedicated and talented young entrepreneurs.

Presenting on May 12 at the symposium Raconter l’aliment  where I’ll talk about some of the winning campaigns submitted over the last three years to the DUX Award contest.

On May 15, I’ll be leaving for Chili with our First Year executive MBA students. We’ll visit the Central Valley, including Valparaiso, and then we’ll fly not and visit San Pedro in the Atacama desert, the dryest place on earth.

Then on June 2, am moderating a session as director of the Luc Beauregard Centre of Excellence in Communications Research at the annual conference of the Canadian Public Relations Society. The session focuses on two papers commissioned by the Centre on coalition building.

And then it’s graduation on June 9 at Place des Arts. It will be the first cohort of graduating Executive MBAs and am very much looking forward to that special moment to wish them off on their career.

In the middle of all that, I am very excited about three new collaborations I’ve started between our Executive MBA program and some amazingly gifted and generous professionals: 1) Olympian Maxime Boilard and his group at CANU will complement our existing LEAD coaching module with their unique approach to leadership development, 2) the dedicated team at Red Rabbit Project will accelerate their work with our students on developing communication tools and skills; 3) the brilliant photographer Damian Sequeiros is working with us on some new images to capture the transformative nature of our program (and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!).

I hope you have as fun and exciting summer as mine!